Kasper Rofelt

Classical Composer



Kasper Rofelt's (b. 1982) first published work was Distruzione una sinfonia, which he finished at the age of 22. This work belongs to a group of works composed when he attended high school and before he was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Music. The music from this time is stylistically searching and does not belong to the works he himself regards as part of his authorized oeuvre, although they evince a number of characteristic features that were later to constitute his musical fingerprint.

After high school he trained in composition and music theory at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with teachers including Bent Sørensen and Niels Rosing-Schow in his major subjects, as well as studies with Per Nørgård in 2006-2010 in parallel with the Academy. He has also studied with Simon Bainbridge and Philippe Leroux. He got his Master’s degree in 2010 and received his Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Music in 2014 thus ending his formal education in music.

Kasper Rofelt has composed a large quantity of works for many different types of instrumental configuration and in many genres. Cornerstone works in his production are the concertos for accordion and saxophone, symphony no. 1, a number of solo pieces for piano, accordion, guitar and percussion, not to mention a number of songs based on poems by Pia Tafdrup and Lorca.

Along with works for professional musicians and ensembles, Kasper Rofelt has also composed a number of works for children and youngsters.

So far, his music has been played in all of the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic States as well as in Russia, China, Germany, France and Greece.

Among musicians and ensembles, he has written music for and collaborated with, we find for example:


Recorder player Michala Petri

Cellist Toke Møldrup 

The French conductor Jean Thorel 

Concert organist David Sanger

Violinist Christina Åstrand

Pianist David Lau Magnussen 

Cellist Jakob Kullberg

The classical accordionist Bjarke Mogensen 

Cellist Andreas Brantelid

The Århus Sinfonietta

The Esbjerg Ensemble

The Diamond Ensemble

The recorder player Pernille Petersen

Flutist Jennifer Dill

MYTHOS Accordion Duo

The classical accordionist Andreas Borregaard

The Danish Horntrio

Recorder player Bolette Roed


Kasper Rofelt has received a number of grants and awards, including a Sonning Scholarship in 2014 and several grants because of his artistic contribution to contemporary classical music.



Kasper Rofelt: The song I'll never sing

Bjarke Mogensen, Christina Åstrand, Toke Møldrup, MYTHOS

Dacapo Records 8.226564



Chen Yue, Michala Petri

OUR Recordings 6.220600



Awards and grants

Léonie Sonning Scholarship 2014 worth 60.000 kroner for further artistic development


Astrid & Aksel Agerbys Mindelegat for "considerable artistic contributions"


Grant from Jeanette & Lars Dyremoses Harmonikafond for works for the classical accordion